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Ice and easy packaging design

packaging with shelf appeal

Making your products talk

We've worked on all kinds of packaging – from spicy sauces, to frozen cocktails, batch baked bread to hand cooked crisps. It's all in the label and it's all about standing out. But more than that, it's making something that people want to hold, read, have in their basket and display on their shelves at home.


That's what we do – we make beautiful.

ICE & easy

Updating the Ice Co's brand and packaging for Ice & Easy was an exciting project to work on. Not only did we get to try some fantastic frozen cocktails (that was a fun afternoon) but we got to experiment with lots of different styles from simple, stylish and sophisticated to more outlandish, wild designs. 

Ultimately, we settled on the design to the right, aligning to a more feminine audience and creating a look that works consistently throughout the range. 

Ice Co packaging design
Ten Acre crisps packaging design.jpg

Ten Acre Crisps

Opening up a world of indulgence

This took brand building to world building. From the name to a whole village and story book titles for each flavour. We wanted to arouse curiosity and delight – Ten Acre crisps is about transporting the customer to another place, another world. 

Originally we wrote short stories for the back of each packet, which ended on a cliff hanger. You had to go to the website and become a resident to visit the bookshop and find out the end of each story – capturing email addresses to direct market at. 

The plan was to avoid grocery multiple and pursue the smaller chains and independents. Ten Acre is stocked all over the world now and in the UK you can buy packets in Selfridges and Booths as well as lots of deli's and farm shops.

ISland cuisine

 When we first met Ronnie Albert, creator of Island Cuisine, his packaging looked very basic, like it had been designed in Microsoft Word. He already had interest from Tesco but they asked him to update his packaging to be more professional.

We created a brand that takes you away to a tropical island, that brightens up a wet Tuesday in January and makes dinner time more exotic. And it worked. Island Cuisine was rolled out in Tesco and several other supermarkets.

Packaging deisgn island cuisine
Batch 5 packaging design

bath bakery

Artisan, gluten-free baked goods

When Bath Bakery built a gluten free facility, they needed a separate identity to ensure demarkation and instill confidence in celiac customers. 

We created Batch 5 and deliberately kept the branding and packaging simple and almost home-made looking. We added personality with quirky, humorous puns for the product titles. 

Our challenge was the best before and on-site printing, so we created template stickers that could be run through a small printer and enable the bakery to over-print their own best before dates without having to reply on a big printing house.

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