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Vibrant branding for a contemporary 

cross-stitch and crochet pattern designer

The world of cross stitch and crochet has exploded since Covid-19 has enforced lockdowns on us all. The trouble is, a lot of the patterns are still quite old fashioned. 

Hook & Yarn Stitchworks are different because they create modern, bright ad bold patterns that suit a younger, newer audience. 

They needed a logo that reflected the funky, vibrant nature of their patterns designs and wanted lots of different colourways, without getting too confusing. 

So, we created a bold logo with colours that clashed and worked together in multiple combinations. 

Hook and Yarn Board.jpg


Modernising the National Outdoor Centre

Plas y Brenin is an icon of the outdoor adventure world. The old logo was looking outdated, sexist and very specific to mountaineering and they offer so much more. 

Leading the rebranding project started with creating an iconic design that could be used across all outdoor sports and was versatile enough to work as a sticker on a kayak, a beacon at an outdoor event or add visual appeal to a social media post. 

But it's much more than the logo, this was the whole identity, even the decor of the centre!

Imagery, decor, print, web and social, this is a versatile brand that transcends them all and will last for years to come.

Postcard Artwork Master.jpg


Flexible branding for different uses

Martin is an international mountain guide, back-country ski guide and all round adventure hero. 

When he's not traversing an avalanche line or summiting a mountain peak, he's training others to do what he does or helping governing bodies such as Sport England and Forestry Commission to make the outdoors more accessible to us mere mortals.

So, he needed a brand that would be flexible enough to cover 3 different areas – guiding, training and consultancy. 

Martin had an idea of what he wanted but couldn't articulate it. So we helped him do just that. Now he has a flexible brand that he can use for the different areas of his work. And it looks mint on his jacket too.

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